Our Story

Established in 1928 we are the longest running, family owned hairdressing business in Australia, something we are super proud of.

At the time that our grandfather, John emigrated from Italy to Australia, two of his brothers, Louis and Maurice set off for Paris to learn the craft of hairdressing. Once qualified they joined John in Australia to start what was to become the Cordony Hair Empire! The first Cordony brothers salon opened in Chatswood in 1928 boasting the latest styles and training from Europe. In those early days the brothers lived above the salon and the apprentices lived in a dormitory at the back. It was a big happy family affair then, as it is today. Over the years the brothers grew in reputation opening many salons throughout Sydney. Louis Cordony the second took the reins from his father John to grow his personal empire to 9 salons. Lou was well respected by his peers. He was a prominent figure in many industry associations, as well as a sought after compare and speaker at numerous business forums. Lou met his beautiful wife Kay, also a hairdresser at an “illegal” after hour’s salon opening. They were fighting for extended trade hours to be allowed to open late on a Thursday night. Together they had two children, Claudine and Lara who grew up talking business over the dinner table. It was inevitable that they would later take over the business and have been at the helm for the last 25 years. One of “Nonno’s” proudest moments was when his granddaughter Lou Lou joined the business as an apprentice.
We are still a big extended family of great hairstylists of all ages and backgrounds (just like our cherished clients). Most stylists who join our team fall in love with the culture and it is common to find most stay with us for many years, with one clocking up close to 30!
We are often asked if the business will make it to 100 years… watch this space.

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