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Welcome to the Cordony Hair gift store.

It has long been a dream of ours to create a beautiful vibrant space, where our hair salon is complimented by a café, a beauty room and a gift store.
Having recently taken over the existing gift store, we’re having fun curating a range of beautiful items that make perfect gifts for a friend, loved one or even for yourself.

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Our ranges of candles and scented reeds are always an easy go to as a gift for a friend, or a way to freshen up your favourite room at home. Our Three Suns range incorporate healing crystals into their candles and room sprays, and are loved by our younger clients for their colourful packaging and youthful appeal.

Divine rose infused body oils and bath salts, and crystal infused scented oil perfumes and body mists in the Bopo range make a perfect gift for a friend, or a self care treat. Their facial oils, masks, and lip balms are all beautiful when planning a little pampering.

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We have a gorgeous selection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, which you’ll spot some of our staff wearing. Every time a delivery arrives, they get so excited to check out the pretty pieces we’ve ordered . We also have beautiful coloured beaded necklaces, bracelets and silk scarves specially selected with mums and aunties and grandmas in mind. We’ve chosen styles with different ages in mind, so there’s something for everyone.

We have elegant shower turbans, satin eye masks, hair accessories, and of course a wonderful selection of hair care products and styling tools that we’re always happy to advise on.
Our stunning silk flowers look great in our elegant vases, and are a perfect addition to a side table or dining room.

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If you love potted plants around your home or balcony areas, we have a lovely selection of plants and pots, as well as some small potted succulents. These make great gifts, and last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers.
Beautiful vegan leather handbags from Louenhide, are our newest addition, in a variety of colours and styles suitable for any occasion.

The Alive Body range of refillable hand soap and bodywash duos as well as candles and scented reeds have been consistently popular with their fresh scents and naturally derived ingredients and stylish packaging.
Stylish umbrella, eyewear and gorgeous vegan handcreams are amongst our other offerings.

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We will continually be adding different trinkets and gift items especially around special occasions like Mothers Day, fathers Day and Christmas.
We hope you love our beautiful gift store as much as we do.

With love
Lara and Claudine

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