How To Fix A Bad Hair Day

by Lara

We all have them…even us hairdressers! So I’m going to share with you a few little tips that help me to turn a bad hair day around!

1) Use a dry shampoo:
This is a product that every girl really does need! After going to the gym or yoga in the mornings, I often don’t have time to wash my hair before heading to work…and it really wouldn’t do for a hairdresser to head out with dirty looking hair. So I simply spray a good amount of dry shampoo through the roots and fringe area to soak up excess oil. Leave for 30 seconds then brush through and style using a light weight hairspray such as Moroccanoil luminous hairspray, or styling crème such as Bedhead after party. Hair feels fresh and clean and with added body and bounce. My favourite dry shampoos are: RPR Quick Fix,Bedhead Obeehive, and Evo Water Killer
2) A quick simple up do saves me every time:
No need to spend long…a few minutes is all you need! Sweep hair into either a high or low pony tail. Tease pony tail to add volume and texture and spray with Morocanoil Lumimous hairspray. Swirl hair into a messy textured bun or twist, and secure with hair pins. Spray with the hairspray and keep it piecy and messy. Use a straight iron or curling tong to add tousled movement to a long fringe or side pieces.
3) When all else fails…wear a cool hat:
I’ve always been a fan of hats, and now more than ever as super cool hats are all in fashion.
On medium to longer hair, use e a straight iron to smooth or tussle out ends of hair. Pop your hat on and away you go! My favourite brand of hats ( of which I have a few) are Fallen Broken street- check them out!

A good hair day is a happy day….Life is too short for bad hair days. ♥

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